Monday, March 30, 2015


8.30a    - dragon city
9.30a    - klondike - she continued to explore all the features in this game, and discovered some new things beyond what we had done before.  When they picked me up from work she said that the new game features were things she had really liked learning today.
10a    - break

11a    - town run, tax prep place, stores, discussions of same
12p    - break

1p    - Planet Earth: Great Plains - episode included a fox trying to steal nestlings from birds, which she told me all about in the truck on the way home.
2p    - PE, 10x 500ft laps -reading her Pokemon book while sitting in the back of the truck
2.30p    -break
4p - gathering of materials for rat cage, talking to people at Lowes
4:30p - break
 5:30 - ran outside with fox toy to play wilderness with him, and feed him plastic leaves.

I want to get her to read the rest of her Stink Moody book as it has to go back to the library...// got from page 47 to 75 before I started to get tired, and I have another early tomorrow.  She is practicing piano keyboard now and soon I'll have to nudge her towards bed....
 a noodle fox pillow she talked Daddy into at the store - she wanted a picture of him...

 Picture by Esme
'Rubles' the rat

 She is a girl, and was adopted from a friend.
They would have fed her to the snake,and Esme has been asking about
having a rat for months - since she saw this one's predecessor at the same house.
She is fairly sweet -a little skittish of loud voices and doesn't like to be handled too much at one time.. have to get used to us and our routines a bit more...

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