Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tree ship dream

I had a dream last night that was beautiful and powerful. I was on a small ship, almost a raft, that had a great mast made of cedar. The mast went higher than the clouds - so I could not see the sail, and I could not see into the water around the ship as if it was a grey rainy day. However, at the base of the mast someone had chopped with an axe - and the heartwood was showing red and flaky there .. and it worried me terribly as the mast felt as if it could bend and break towards the cut. I put my hands to it and from the chopped place not knowing what could be done - looking for something to bind it with. From my hands a thorny bush began to grow all around the damaged area and down to the deck below - it grew with a fury and wrapped the mast so strong it stood strong and straight as if a tree. Then the bush began to blossom with Cherokee Rose. And I knew it was both love and protection for that mast forever from that point. That could almost be a painting in itself.

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