Friday, April 15, 2011

Esme and Milo play Starfall

We do not plan to keep this kitten, but he has earned the name 'Milo' and he has been spending a lot of time in laps. Compared to the others, he is the most people-oriented of the group. He licks toes, and is irrepressible when not wanted in a chair. He is playing 'Starfall' with Esme here, which distracted her enough for me to brush and braid her hair. That takes a lot of distraction! She hates her hair pulled on almost as much as she hates having it washed.

I bought Esme a 'Tangled' first-level reading book last night on the way home from work, even though she has been disinterested in reading or letters for several months. I believe it is mostly because it has become warm enough to play outside again and she loves outside even more. But, this morning it was raining severely and she asked for letters. I brought up Starfall again for her. She really enjoyed it. She has remembered a lot of it by heart! That doesn't surprise me much, because the other day she sang some semblance of the 'Clifford the Big Red Dog' theme to me in the bathtub and it was good enough for me to remember the real words to the entire thing. She loved that. We sang it a few times. Hearing her stumble over 'so they packed up the family car and left the city' in the first bit was what tuned me into what the song was... but it was not a part I would have remembered the words to otherwise. That did impress me :)

I have photos printed for Aunt Dot and my mom, now have to go through them, label them and make letters for each of them. I am hoping I will get either yarn or a pattern in the mail today. It would be better if the yarn came, because the pattern is a 'future snag' in size 6. But, I still do need to make shorts. It all depends on if Esme is happy watching Cinderella and something else for a little while!

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I also have to run after Mila with a treat or blackmail her in order to do pretty things with her super thick hair! About remembering songs, apparently children have a photographic memory at that age that they sadly lose as they grow older. So they do astonish by remembering things they've heard or seen just once. Everything is very intense all the time for them i guess x