Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hooded scarf yarn has come

Yay, the yarn for the hooded scarf has come in the mail today - to finish it.. and I am working on getting the main part of it done. I do think it needs a band. But that is something that can be done slowly over time, on double pointed needles. I tried it on in the mirror, the right way (Grandma saw it on the wrong way!) and it looks REALLY good. Mark says he thinks it will be much better when it is winter again *heh*.. yes, it will. I'm not sure which color to use - to mix with the very dark gray to make a bicolored band. Something simple.. that isn't difficult to keep doing, black or light purple.... still not sure whether to go light or dark. Then that band can be sewn onto the edge to make it lie flat when being worn. Should it continue all the way down to the ends? Should I fringe or make a second band for the back side? I'll get the main body of the scarf done then decide on those sort of things... It wouldn't be all that awful worn just as it is, either...

Mark and Esme had a wonderful time outside today - it was very nice most of the day. Grandpa and Grandma came to see puppies tonight in the buggy, and Esme showed them all to them :)

LATER : Finished it. Mark says it looks like a burka, but at least it will be nice in foul weather and also roll up and go in the pocket of the trench coat jacket. For being nearly lacework wool, it is very warm. The band needs to be about three inches wide without counting the garter-stitch edges of it. The multi-colored knitting will make it thicker and more likely to lay flat. It really is something from another time ie: women don't usually wear this sort of thing at all anymore unless it IS a burka... even in bad weather. But, I have no luck with umbrellas. I always lose them or do not have them in the right place at the right time.

Working more on the blanket now - after I pulled it out from under this arrangement.

more orange cat hair than usual on my knitting
I guess that is a stamp of approval

Going through the yarns I have (instead of tripping to a local yarn store) found 'riches' to use in the future, several balls of cotton to make more floor scrubbers out of and some black and brown silk/wool that I could never detangle before... took another stab at it today while Esme played and made both skeins into manageable balls of yarn.

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