Thursday, April 21, 2011


Found a green cotton fabric on sale for a dollar a yard, and three yards of it is in the dryer now. Esme asked for a blue yarn to make her a sweater out of - but I told her it would have to be later because it will be hot out soon. She indicated the Red Heart yarn that said just 'BLUE' on the color name. After all the cleaning yesterday the house doesn't look much more organized but still is cleaner. I would like to sit down at the desk over there and see about making Esme something. A little afraid the sewing machine is going to act up. I'm pretty happy about everything but the shorts situation. She still has two dresses that are 'nice' enough to wear to the party on Saturday.. but a new dress might be nice. I am expecting patterns to come in the mail sometime soon...

mama Pogo cat has been in my lap and/or chair often.

PROJECT: I'm trying to piece together a new dress for Esme out of the blue fabric she liked. I had already made her a pair of shorts out of it, so I was having to make a few small alterations to the dress in order to get all of the pieces out of the remainder. I hope the alterations are not too much for it not to work. I split the front into a princess seam configuration and made the skirt less full and used one of the panels to cut the back of the dress bodice out of.

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