Saturday, April 30, 2011

catfish races and gardening

I was on the verge of a migraine all day since I woke up - about 7 am to nearly midnight here. But - we got a LOT done...anyway. We took Esme to see the catfish races this morning in Paris, and she loved seeing everybody clap and the occasional dropped fish in the grass. She ran around with several little girls there who were older than her, but had a hard time connecting with a girl her age that was smaller. The smaller girl was trying to be 'grown up' with her grandma and actually saw Esme as a baby... that was weird because Esme had a full head of height on her. The other girl said she went to 'school' and I think she thought Esme was a baby because she didn't go to school yet. Esme was in a VERY bad mood about everyone else going home and having to leave ourselves... such a bad mood we told her we would not stop for anything on the way home. She isn't used to that - and later when Grandpa was watching her she had a full diaper and wouldn't tell them - but did run off from them twice... so they brought her back home. As soon as she wouldn't listen to a word I said I checked and sure enough she needed a full-scale bath. I carried her in by force (very unhappy girl) and after a short bath and new clothes she was perky and played around the garden for me until Daddy came back home.

We gave away several of our baby kittens - including Milo - and Esme was sad about that. But, they needed homes, and not here.

Mark helped his parents put some stakes in the ground for their garden, and we put in four more rows of corn and other assorted things in our own garden. I don't think many of our seedlings (planted yesterday morning before I went to work) made it, but a few seem to be hanging in there. Then we jaunted to Rural King to pick up a new coffee pot, as mine had given up the ghost. I also bought more blue pumpkin seeds, as the ones I had bought from Etsy hadn't done anything. The orange stripey Turks Turban seeds from the same seller have come up, and what I replanted I did a foot to the left of the original blue seeds - to still give those a chance if they happen to be taking their time (but it HAS been a long time...they probably aren't coming). Esme had been being a very good girl sticking by the garden while I did work and Daddy came home - so after RK we got her a milkshake. I let her play outside in the bed of the truck and beside it until the storm was rolling in, then she had another bath and a round of cartoons before Mom insisted on bed because my head was still pounding. I won't take ibu until it is really necessary - but two ibu and three hours of sleep finally did put the headache in its place, at least temporarily?

It is supposed to storm more today, (Sunday) - so we will not be completing large circumventing the world plans today. That is why we pushed on yesterday to get those done ;) I have laundry in the dryer and Esme is asleep... I'm running hot water through the new coffee pot and enjoying not having a head full of ache before I turn off the dryer and go back to sleep myself. My largest plans for Sunday is to put away this laundry, maybe clean a few floors and/or make something at the sewing machine for Esme.

//LATER Esme will be 3.5 years old on the 4th of this month. A friend of mine told me online that other kids judge kids as 'their age' not by speech, but by physical size and speed. So, that explains why she does gravitate towards the older children, and has a harder time relating well with her own age - the last two her age have definitely been slower, more cautious and sometimes (but not always) intimidated by Esme's larger size and 'let's go' attitude. At both of the places we've taken her recently she has run and kept speed with older kids and her language identified her as younger, but both times the older children didn't care after they found a running game to play.

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