Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Esme called a 'train' on a dress a 'choo choo train for a dress' on a movie. I thought that was funny. She told me to stretch and yawn this morning and I told her my arms might fall off. I pretended one did - and she came to fix it. Daddy gave her some duct tape and she put a piece on my arm and was all happy thinking she fixed it. Last night I was moving some knitting needles from one table to where they belong - and Esme told me 'uh uh wait wait - those are OW, you gotta be careful, might hurt you.' At least she's been paying attention ;) She heard one of the puppies whimpering for it's mama last night and she petted it and said 'oh no don't cry - you're alright, don't cry baby puppy.' She is so very very sweet!

I have another late shift tonight. Mark is at the store getting cat food so we will not be eaten. I hope he comes back quickly - I've got to get going to work! I gave Esme an orange and cereal and a piece of pepperoni for breakfast. Silly - but she loves it and I was having one. The knit blanket is four feet wide by nearly two feet long now - nearly long enough to keep it at home for a project here and find something smaller to bring to work.

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