Monday, April 11, 2011

run by thought on crafts and sewing clothes for toddlers

I saw on one of my email lists I subscribe to yesterday a mom that had no clothes for summer for her child, and was asking if anybody had any to hand down. I thought for a few minutes about contacting her to make a few items - but know that might be more work than I can handle with Esme needing her things made for this season as well. Also, she might find it strange and I can't guarantee the child's size of "3-5" storebought is the same as sewing pattern sizes without getting measurements. And measurements is work... work most people can't or won't do.

But anyway - the whole thought process ended in being very happy that I can make Esme her clothes for any season when she needs them. My collection of patterns is quite good - and I continue to pick up a larger size or different variation here and there on Ebay if the price is right. I try to keep myself reined in on the buying there even though I like to browse it daily to see what pops up ;) It is one of the relaxing things I do every day - browse all the new listings of used patterns and see if there is any inspiration there. Some things can be made from patterns I have, others can be printed out or saved for later etc etc...

Even with what I spend on used patterns and yards of new fabric in a year I do not pay anything near what I hear other mothers complaining the costs of childrens clothes are. Just the cost of JEANS (which Esme does not own/wear) is huge compared to the cost of nearly an entire season's wardrobe. Some mothers I work with pay ten or twelve dollars a pair for jeans that do not fit for very long. A medium weight chambray cloth at the store can cost 5.00 a yard but will make a jean-like pair of pants. She had one pair made up of those and I consider those 'heavy' for her, good for running through brush. Most of her other pants are just cotton quilting fabric and serve the purpose extraordinarily well in all but the coldest weather (and we're in the South!) Now if I could just make shoes ;) *kidding*

Sewing handmade does take more time at home, but I find that kind of work 'sweet' - when the time is right it gets done and is a lovely thing that rewards again and again. Sometimes the longest thing about the process is deciding on what to make out of what fabric. Once I've decided what she needs and have the fabric ready to cut it does not take very long to cut out and sew a dress or a pair of pants that will fit her well and last a good while.

It is also nice to know we can make MANY of the things we want in our house. Once in a while I do a roundup of what I'm using and it is nice to see the array of things that are handmade. I've sewn several things for myself this year that are in good use and continue to knit things that stay in use as well :) Our garden is becoming a good working project, as well :) We could make even more if we got the woodshop cleaned up and I got some practice in there again.

Today: I am off to work today until late. I'll bring the knit blanket with me to work on during lunch. If I can find a nice moment tonight I might be able to rack off a second pair of shorts for Esme. The pair I made her last night were quick and she really liked them. After three pairs of shorts the itinerary will be a few larger sundresses. She is still wearing the ones from last year but they are getting a skitch hard to get over her head. After that they are fine until ready to take off - and that tiny bit hard again to get off makes her frustrated at bath time etc. If I make the bodice front a little wider and longer that should work for the next size up :)

NIGHT Quote: About Fantasia 2000 the whale scenes. 'I've never seen whales fly! It's the Northern Lights, don't get much of that here in Tennessee, that would explain it. Uhh.. I had always thought it was the lack of whales.' That's the kind of humor that goes on at our house.

I've worked on the 4 foot wide blanket more today... will need another skein of yarn for that from the WM within a few days. Thought hard about starting another project but will wait until the KnitPicks yarn gets here and finish the grey scarf.... or I could start a band for that...? I'm still not sure if it needs one. Laundry is in the dryer and I'm going over thoughts of other clothing items for Esme but not enough time tonight to start anything in that regard. Bought a few more seeds and am hoping our carrots did not wash away with all this storm!

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