Thursday, April 21, 2011

Esme and the puppies

Pictures of Esme's new blue dress and also of all the puppies in the basement.

I made her a pair of shorts out of this fabric about a week ago, and had to fuss with the remainder quite a bit to make it work. A few little changes, split seams on front bodice and less full skirt, it turned out quite well. She likes it.

EK mentioned the other day how much her daughter and Esme as well are 'lengthening' out in this last growth spurt. This picture shows it in her face and the dress kind of exaggerates it with a lower neckline and waist than she has been wearing lately. I put the dress on her to let her run down to the lake and it is just a bit 'pointy' at the top of the shoulders and maybe just a tiny tiny bit too wide in the chest for her. A 'grow-in' dress for her. She does need those, too.

Giving the puppy a ride on the big wheel. This puppy had two pink spots on its nose, so Daddy has nicknamed him 'Pink.'

Hanging out in a box with the puppy crew.

Some of them will likely keep the blue eyes, which come from the Catahoula side

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