Saturday, April 16, 2011

little note

My brain works overtime in my sleep - rarely, the results are useful in some regard. Last night was one of those rare moments. I dreamt last night of Esme standing by the door wearing a 'Norwegian' type sweater with a brown collar and sleeves and blue, white and lighter brown colorwork all around the bodice and shoulder area. I was, in reality, working on a really simple sweater shirt for myself yesterday (the blue and white thing in a previous post laying on the porch), and was thinking if it needed any colorwork at the top of the shoulders, and if it needed a collar or not... so I guess that transferred over to my main crafting focus, clothes for little girl :)

This is something like what I saw... but I've altered the picture quite a bit because I don't have the time to whip one up. The one in my dream did not have a turtleneck, just a round ribbed neck.

I do have a LOT of brown Palette yarn, and all of those other colors in my workbasket, left over from when Esme was born. The blue and white yarn I am using now is something bought quite a while ago, as well. Also in the dream I told myself to Fels Naptha the garden laundry and my pillowcases from this week and also to do math on the two sides I have been knitting to get the number of stitches the back needs to be. Find out how many inches the back is, and how many inches the side is. The side is 45 stitches and compare the ratio to know how many to cast on for the back.

Just making myself notes before I run off to work and forget everything my brain worked so hard on while it was asleep ;) I did do the laundry part as soon as I woke up.

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