Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter egg hunt

Esme with Olivia, a twelve year old who was helping her on the hunt
pictures taken from another lady's cellphone and shared on facebook

It was very cute watching Esme run around with all of those other children - she is a charmer, getting kids old and young to chase after her, play with the wagon and in the dirt. She got into one fight over a ball, and had a few terrible moments where she didn't want to wait or participate in something she didn't understand. At one point she said she would crawl into a chair and 'go sleep' because everyone was eating pizza and she didn't want that pizza. But, overall she was so happy and was playing with all of the other children like a litter of puppies - running around and screaming and playing ball and chasing bubbles.

At the beginning she latched onto a slightly older boy. He said he was five and she said 'my name is Esme, name a three year old'. He said 'What?' He was nearly the same height as she was, but the big difference was when they talked - could understand everything he said and he even made jokes. Esme said 'look a plane!' and pointed at a jet trail in the sky. He laughed, pointed at the woods and said 'look a shiny thing!' and laughed really hard because she was trying to see what he meant. She asked him to move over on a chair so she could sit next to him and I think he nearly blushed - because of this little girl that was following him around ;) Later she came up to him and took him by the hand and said 'let's go walkies.' He turned and looked at the adults on the back porch 'Where are we walking to?' She said 'this a way' and lead him through the house by the hand, out the front porch, down the concrete walkway and then stopped, turned around and told him to give other hand, and then walked him all the way back to the house. He realized she was just a silly little girl and it was all very cute - and he started playing pretend 'boom shoot chase' games with her - which she gladly participated in. While he colored eggs she ran out into the yard with half of the other children and had a wonderful time playing out there, as well.

Mark helped hide the eggs with some of the other adults ;) During the egg hunt(s) Esme had no idea what was going on for a while - did find some eggs, but was more interested in the fact there WAS eggs than any idea of collecting a pile. She found two animal-shaped plastic eggs and gave them to other little boys - not sure if she meant for them to keep them, it made her momentarily sad - but she got over it quickly and was more interested in playing in a sandbox than she was in hunting eggs the second time around. Another older girl gave her a tiger egg later when I wasn't nearby - which she really likes and kept a hold of. During the very first run Esme found a beanie baby elephant which she really loves, and gave a beanie baby bear to another little girl who didn't find one. She is already teaching the elephant to drink milk and telling him about eating an apple.

She is going to crash soon, I know. We took no pictures, but it was a great time :)

Sidenotes: Esme really is tall, compared to others her age - and 'long', Mark says, compared to kids older than she is. Someone asked me what size clothes she was in - and I really can't tell them. She is a size 3,4 or 5 - take the pattern by chest measurement (about 22") and follow the pattern with whatever changes are necessary. haha :) Mark said she surprised him yesterday by looking into pockets on our pool table without standing on anything, and without holding on to the table. She never could do that before. She must have gained at least two or three inches since we last measured her - which back then was 39 inches. Compared to the boys that were at the party (5 to 8) she was not lacking very many inches on them. The girl a year younger than her had grown, as well. Her head was at Esme's shoulder and I feel she will be a tall girl as well, because both of her parents are taller than average. They do say girls hit their growth spurts before the boys do...

Another bit though on her age and size is - I keep expecting her to act like the five year olds, until I see her with them and she is obviously younger. I kept saying I was afraid she wasn't being good enough with the other children (which is partly just my mommy paranoia because I am hennish wih her...) and everyone else thought she was being exemplary for a three year old playing with older children. They said she was sweet and kind and generous, giving please and thank you to the children and I was all worried about her forgetting to say sorry when playing ball she mowed an older boy down twice in a row and he was starting to get annoyed with her. When we all had to wait in line to go out the door for the egg hunt it was obvious to everyone she was so much younger - she cried and laid on the floor until a twelve year old picked her up and said she would help her. She is at that age of needing independence from me (go talk mumum, go over there, TALK!) but still a few steps behind the 'gang' of children... she was paying lots of attention and trying to learn from them but still not sure what to do when the other kids changed the game, didn't chase her or all went and listened to a grown-up about sitting down and Esme still thought they were playing.

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