Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggs are boiling...

Simplicity 4969 in size 6

The eggs to bring to the party are boiling, and Esme's dress is clean and sitting ready to be put on tomorrow. This is a pattern that just came in the mail in size 6, several sizes up. There was one out there in the size she is now - but it was three times the cost of this one... and I'm pretty set for the size 4's. I'm GETTING set for the 5's and 6's, with this new round of patterns coming in the mail, and this one as well that, being a 'wardrobe' pattern, was a very good deal. It has a sundress which could be made with different sleeves, a jacket, shirt and pants. I told Mark that it is extremely likely I will still be making Esme's clothes at that time, and he says that is good - as he and she have gotten used to clothes that fit and don't shred as easily as storebought clothes do. That was as I had gotten home and was opening the 'snail mail' which the pattern was within. In almost the same minute I opened up an email message that had a picture of a little girl wearing a shirt I made late last summer, her mom says the shirt is "still going strong." It is the 'twin' to a shirt Esme was wearing in the 'with Milo' picture, except that it is in two fabric colors instead of one.

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ElizabethEK said...

I meant to leave a comment on this a while back... Even now, over two months later, the shirt is STILL going strong. She has worn it a hundred times and it still looks brand new! Now THAT is a sign of a quality piece of clothing!