Friday, April 29, 2011


Esme's language is taking another turn - an interesting one. I asked her where her nose was, then where Grandma's nose was last night. I was actually asking about the Playmobil doll, which has no nose, and has made her confused before. This time she had an answer. She said 'up there, in the white house.' Grandma's house is white compared to ours, and since the logging happened we can see it from our doorway. Esme often comments now on wanting to see Grandma in the 'white house.' She addded, 'we go in the green house.' So, she has been paying attention - because our house is green with a white roof ;) She will also say 'I like a THIS dog. Grandma, I like a THAT dog (points), THIS dog (grabs around neck and shows the dog).' As we were walking I mentioned the sky was pretty and I liked it - and she said 'Do like, I do like the blue and white, too.' And this morning when I asked her where Daddy was she told me 'he went back to work, outside.' He went outside to talk to the loggers.

We also had a discussion about her saying she was a 'boy'. She asked me if I was a boy - I told her no, I was a mom, and a girl. She said 'yea, that right, you're a mom. I'm a boy.' No, you're a girl. 'No a boy, boy, boy, boy.' I asked the little boy if it wanted it's hair washed right then - come here boy.' 'Nooooooo. I a little GIRL.' Oh. Alrighty then. She said she wasn't a baby - I was a baby, she was a little girl. I told her a baby had to have a mumum... mumums take care of the babies, whether they are puppies or little girls or little boys. I asked her where was my mumum? 'You the mumum. *thought* I the baby! Give hug (swan dive into arms).' We talked for a minute about Daddy being Grandma and Grandpa's baby, and they LOVE him. And that Daddy loves her because she is his baby, and Grandma and Grandpa LOVE her because she is Daddy's baby. She nodded wide-eyed about all of that and gave me hugs but she was getting giddy by that time over it all and just wanted to jump around. She can be such a silly little girl :)

Some of the things she says is her own decision what they mean - like 'let's go home' when she wants to go play in the yard and is INSIDE the house. She said that to Grandma the other day about going into a back room to play. 'Home' is wherever she wants to be at the moment... I've translated it as that and it seems to work. We work on telling her 'home' is in our house and trying to confirm that with her... There are a few other things, as well - will try to post them as I remember them.

When I ask her what color something is her response is always 'it's name is PINK' or whatever color it really is. But, she has no trouble identifying something in a sentence with the color. 'I want milk in the yellow drink cup.' 'How about the orange cup here, with milk in it?' 'Nooooo! in there. That the yellow drink cup.' I open the cupboard, sure enough, there is a yellow cup in there she has had before. 'Ahhh... that yellow cup. Yes, you can have milk in that cup.'' 'Oh thank you, so much!' *laugh*

I answered my phone the other day but there was no one on the other end, just a telemarketer. I didn't even say anything, just put the phone away in it's case. Esme pipes up from across the room (looking at my face and how the phone was put away with no talking) and says loudly to Daddy 'Nobody HOME at NANAS house!' That cracked me up.

'CANTOONS' is cartoons, unless she tries really hard. Cartoons means only Ren and Stimpy. We ask her to put on anything else animated and she says no - cartoons! I could verify this by singing the 'LOG' song from their fake commercial - and she says in a matter-of-fact voice 'yea, CARTOONS, put on!' When the credits roll or the frontispiece of the DVD is up (menu), she will say 'TAKE OFF, all done.' In the middle of one of the movies they started playing a song and showing just sky and Esme thought that was credits and told us to TAKE OFF.. and then doubletook and said 'wha what?' as the movie continued about a minute later. She gets 'take off' and 'put on' mixed up when it is about shoes or clothes. She wants us to put on shoes when she comes home I know she means 'take off'.

She likes to sing almost all of the patty-cake song now, and has the hand signs down for the 'roll it, and pat it, and a put it in a pan.' She can sing a little bit of the LOG song and a few others suddenly that she didn't know before.

When I run 'screaming' that a dragon or a brown bear or something is after me she does this hand-swipe thing and puts it on her hip and says 'it be all right. MOMMMMM.. It be all right!' When she really wants to play or believes me she will say 'give hand - let's run!' She just got down from her chair and said 'I save you Mom! I gotta SAVE you!' I asked her what she was going to save me from. *thought* 'I gotta play. Please? I gotta play (points outside).' And now I have a lap full of Esme.

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