Sunday, December 06, 2015


Esme says she needs to have ears and stirrups when I make the next one.  It is a pattern in development.

I began my vacation yesterday, one week off.  We are still getting over the cold that went through my workplace last week.. but hopefully by tomorrow and the next day we will be able to do the things I have planned.  Somebody at work wants me to make Santa outfits for some dolls they have... I've tentatively agreed.  Cleaned off my workspace and started to play with some little things.

I came across some of my favorite drawings.  I really need to find a better place to keep them.  

Other than that, we are just continuing to keep the dogs in the yard  - not easy, they keep trying to convince Esme they can go out with her the 'usual' way, and that the adult humans have just got crazy ideas about the other door to the fenced yard.  I just had to capture one on the leash and bring her back in (mine, Sweetie) because she had slipped out with our elderly dog, Misha, who cannot go down the stairs to the fenced yard as well as everyone else.  

I'm reading a book called Ordinary Magic, after reading several young adult books by E.D. Baker on the Frog Princess series.  Fun reads.  I have a couple more stacked up in my queue.  I have a dentist cleaning tomorrow and promised Esme this week we will go look at the decorator store (Robertsons, in McKenzie) to see what they have for teenager beds and what price range they are in.  I'm getting a few other things ready for Esme's school this week, too.

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