Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

 A very bird Christmas

Tweet, repeat

Fluffy blanket!
 And Mark got a dinosaur toy, that was taken over by Esme.

Grandma came down and Mark made a wonderful deep dish lasagna.  I put on a movie 'The Hundred Foot Journey'.  Esme gave Grandma her painted birdhouse and I gave her the little sequined ornament.  Daddy had gotten Grandma a huge bale of potting soil medium for her greenhouse this winter.  Grandma gave us many thoughtful gifts, as well.  She found a mortar and pestle, which we had been hardpressed to find for chemistry and other projects earlier this year.  We were so happy to have her down for a meal and enjoy the movie together.  Mark's lasagna was truly good and everyone ate a lot.

I have new yarn to add to my two years and counting blanket I was knitting, and to make more dishcloths out of.  Mark and Esme have canned octopus...which was a gag gift from Mom.  But, I think I'll have to try to cook it for real - not for them.  That will be bravery.  There were also lots of treats everyone will like - even the dogs and cats got their own treats.

Other Note: Esme's book has been digitally proofed and a physical proof copy is due in our mailbox in early January.  Then, when we see that everything is good, we'll order several copies and they will wing out in the mail :)  I have another New Year's gift ready to be sent out too - just added the finishing sewing bits to it the other day. 

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