Tuesday, December 08, 2015


8:30 - drawing, birthday present wrapping

//It was Daddy's birthday today - so we did some wrapping and Esme made a card.  It is the blue dragon the middle.

9    - Latin words test and flash cards
    - english worksheets Ch 9 Harcourt
9.30    - break
10    - English and Literature test #2 - 24 questions
//Again, a third grade test, as that is what I'm finding mostly.  She missed one vocabulary word this time, and would have missed another information question perhaps - but she read the question out loud to ask me about it and then changed her mind after she heard it said out loud.

10:30 - 2nd grade vocab on Quizlet
11    - break
11:50 - Khan Math, division, 3rd grade to 70%
12:20 - break
12:30 - weather map, Google Earth, time era app
12:45 - break
1:00p     - Harcourt Language Unit2 Review, chapters 10,11
1:30p - jumping jacks * 100
1:40p - Minecraft
about 4 I had her make pizzas with me and call it a day...

 laboratory for chemistry students

A 'mall' with shops and a pool on the bottom layer and ladders leading up to a meadow with houses at the top.  She had me help with devising a lock to keep the mall closed when the lever is thrown.

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