Tuesday, December 15, 2015


10a    - 3rd grade vocabulary words
10.15    - history of christmas research
12p    - break

1p    - .5mi walk; completing writeup of christmas research
1.15    - Wild Pacific ep 4: "Ocean of Volcanos"
2p    - break

4p -  Yard  cleanup project
//She asked if we could start to clean up the accumulated plastic and other things in the dog yard and start to reclaim the porches on the old trailer for 'hideout' and 'treehouse' type areas.  We got some big yard bags and picked up all the old bottles and bits of miscellaneous stuff that was not dangerous.  Another day we will start to pick up boards and garden hoses and other things that are out there. 

4:30p -  Big History Project videos
//We watched the first two videos in the Big History Project to start to answer her question about where the water in the Universe came from before the Earth was made (coments and such) where that came from etc.  
5p - done

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