Saturday, December 12, 2015

bits and plans

Bits on the fly.  Oh I know I overthink this stuff...but I do think we do better when I plan it out somewhat then when I totally just go from the hip.  After Christmas is considered 'semester 2' at the public school.

 Esme has completed four tests for her school in the past month or so - and gotten at least a passing percentage on all of them -even when there were areas in the test we hadn't covered yet.  So, I think that is going very well.  I'd like her to work some more on spelling and vocab next semester, some world landmarks, reading comprehension again and continue in the Harcourt language book to make sure we've covered the gaps.  And I want to keep going in history - maybe start Big History, although the Mankind Story of All of Us was working fairly well for us - and there is more of that on the way soon.

Christmas is coming up - and we're almost ready....some things coming in the mail soon, to wrap, a few items to pick up etc...  And it looks like I'll have a mini vacation coming up at Christmas, with at least two days off before hand.

Mom  Notes: 
I'm reading All the Light We Cannot See, a prize winner reccommended in my feed - and also the MagicKeepers volume 1....  I still have Princess Academy on my desk and A Snicker of Magic checked out from the library.  The young adult type books (three of those four) are quicker reads but still it is a very good expansion...   I dreamt of such a good story last night I wish I had held onto it when I woke up ... it would have made a good chapter if I had sat down and written it out.  I have one chapter of a different dream written out - waiting for a decision on what to do next if I want to write more on it.  Those are better dreams than the ones where they move all my PVC fittings to the other side of the store on my vacation and I try to hook up someone's roman tub facuet and can't figure out how to get to the parts I need... can see them in a room but don't know how to get there from here ie etc... psychological stuff.  

I do wish I had more time for projects but I don't seem to use the time when I have it lately... instead reading or looking at things on Pinterest... when I could be making.  Hmm.   

I was going to make a crayon pouch to hang off of Esme's writing desk in her room..because her box keeps falling over on the surface and spilling the crayons.  And I have those Christmas dolls to finish the clothes for.. and knitting projects sitting on my desk.  I would like to get myself into making more on my quilt pattern - in flying geese pattern maybe - but part of me takes over and says it won't last and the seams will fall apart before it is used think about that, and wonder if there is something other than quilt blanket that already made patchwork could be made into...I've been telling myself for months to make a cover up for my sewing machine to reduce the dust in it.. and I still haven't made one.  Other things: clay fish and birds for the mobile in my head... Esme wants her tent to be functional in her room again (the sticks inside broke)///

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