Sunday, December 13, 2015

bits with checkmarks

 I made some stuff today - not the things I had intended, all of them... but still, it is something.  We redecorated the little wall tree Grandma Irene gave us a few years back - I made a new string of 'lights' out of felt and yarn and a little red kitten pocket ornament that has beads on it.  Esme reluctantly decorated her candy cane candy container with help from me on the glue gun.  She had big plans the other day buying it that it was going to be a cool ornament - so I gave in....but insisted she do something with it more than just peel the paper off of it and hang it up.

 I played with clay... based on little things I was remembering in dreams.
I'll paint them in a few days when they are dry.
and glue a tail on the horse out of yarn.

Repurposed quilt to serve a need.

And I sewed the new sticks in the corners of the tent Esme got for Christmas a year ago... she is setting up her dollbed in it again in her room.  I finished the crayon pouch for her desk out of some of the same fabric as the sewing machine cover.  It seems to work.

 I still need to finish the Christmas dolls... I'm a procrastinator, especially on someone else's projects like these dolls.

Eight o clock
Esme was napping on our bed after having fallen asleep next to me.  Mark had put the puppies up on the blanket beside her and she didn't even stir. I had been reading - but went to get the laundry.  When I got back it was just too perfect of a scene.  Mark was reading on the chair - this scene sprawled on the bed...  I sketched until just before she woke up and turned over.  I wish the scanner hadn't cut some of the side detail off- there is a bit more of Mark and of the pillows to the right.  She ended up sleeping directly in the spot between our pillows.  Very much like a puppy herself.

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