Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dog bed and Storytime for pup

Lucy on her new dog bed, being read to by Esme

Esme has had her trained to come sleep on a blanket on her floor when she calls Storytime at night.  Then Lucy will sit beside her as we pass the book back and forth.  Sometimes, when we read upstairs, she comes and puts her chin on the bed upstairs and begs to come up and supervise.  That's her job!  

About a week ago Lucy stopped sleeping all the way through the night down there - lonely, uncomfortable or just too cold?  Esme wanted her pup to be more comfortable, so she asked Santa's reindeer to remember Lucy this year and get her a dog bed (among the other things that were on her 'extra' list the night before - which Mark and I collaborated on and actually made).  Now it has her blanket thrown over the top of it and she is sleeping there happily.

Tonight they are reading the Magical Animal Fairies series - and probably back onto Droon in a week or so. 

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