Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday before Christmas break

9a    - 100x JJ, 30x 10lb deadlift
9.15    - 3rd grade vocab words, Quizlet, geography
---Lots of hard words in this list, which was a LONG list, which she had to read first off.  And I had her do several quizlet scatters to show she understood the meanings of them.
--- We went over the progression from neighborhood to planet again.. she added Universe and Dimension when I was talking about this lesson last night, so I included them in the floor map I laid out for her from 'closest' to farthest out.  She still gets city and country mixed up... but the progression is helping some.  We went over the seven continents on the map and she argued over Europe and Greenland again...talked about people being stuck in their ways that Europe was it's own continent even though the map shows it connected.  We looked at the Eiffel tower on street view and I showed her the Pantheon as well.

10:30 - Khan Math : 3rd grade to 83%
--- She's getting to the hard stuff... three step problems, comparing multiple equations to a questionl etc...
11    - break

1 -  allowance shopping: shopping for a gift and helping with groceries for Christmas
2 -  break

3:45 - Reading:  The Biggest Shadow in the Zoo
                          Mother Bruce
4:15 - Painting project
4:30 - Reading:  The Squirrel's Thanksgiving
       Painting cleanup
5p   - done

And we're on break now until the 5th of January!  Wow. 
She told me she has had dreams about going back to third grade next August - it will be so cool she can DO anything.. except have trouble with the teacher... I am quite sure she will be ready.  We have went through so much and she is doing so much better on all things, even the things she had trouble with in the past.  But, I still anticipate there will be trouble with almost any teacher.  I am just jaded after the problems she had with the first grade teacher.  And she still hardly ever sits still... which seems to be task #1 in any class nowadays...  she is always on the move, asking questions (like why isn't there a MorrocA?  Who decided it had to have an O?) and bouncing, fidgeting, etc....Take each step as we come to it...

I have some more Christmas things to finish.  And I work tomorrow.

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