Wednesday, December 09, 2015


8.30    - math worksheets, multiplication,addition
9:10 - Latin words test and flash cards (I counted, there are 83 cards)
9:45  - silent reading dragon book, jumping jacks
10     - gameplay : Winter Arctic game
10:15  - Harcourt Language, 12,13 unit 3 review
10:45 - break

//During the language workbook she asked me if I thought it was fun - I said it was more fun than many things we could do to learn this.  She said, oh,ok just checking if YOU found it fun.  I don't find it fun.  Minecraft is fun.

We had to go to town to bring some things back and get Daddy's meat gift from the store.  There wasn't anything he liked yesterday so today we went to the big shop across town.  They had something he was willing to spend money on.  So, steak tonight!

3:30 - Minecraft experiment, fire charge oven
3:45 - Grammar third grade test #1 24 q
// She had six questions where she wasn't sure or didn't have the right answer... coming into this cold without any knowledge or work on several of the concepts.  I may have mentioned adverbs a few times, but we've never actually worked on it.  Two of the six questions were on that.  Not bad.  And we have some points to shoot for.
4p   - Minecraft
5:15 - last math worksheet, multiplication
5:30 - done

I've been trying to get in some time to paint the last cover picture for her book .. we haven't gotten to it yet.  But I think we are making good progress for the week.    We're also about halfway through How to Be a Pirate (how to train your dragon series).

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