Tuesday, December 01, 2015


 8:30a - Painting cover image for NanoWrimo book
9a  - break
//Trying to get her to focus on this and not bounce around and watch a cartoon was tough.  She really didn't want to get to working on just one thing.

9:30a - reading through NanoWrimo, working on more pictures
//I had her read through the entire book from beginning to end - which she hadn't done yet.  She also wrote a 'preview' paragraph for her book two (like How to Train Your Dragon book has at the end) and then looked through the entire layout of the book on the Book Smart app I have on my computer.

10:30a - editing, illustrations, dino lab
//I had her do the dino lab drawing twice... and pointed out that her drawing she was supposed to make into a painting was actually better than the painting she had been despairing about having to do...  Trying to point out that she needs to try hard on things even if she didn't want to do them, or it just wastes time.
11:00a - break for lunch

She has one illustration left for the back cover, and maybe a few maps I've talked to her about making for inside the book.

12:30p - library
1:00 pm - Reading 'The Pet Dragon' : Christoph Niemann, Talking about mental math in between stores.

1:30 - break
//We replenished our paint and thread at the craft section of the store, and brought home groceries.

2:45p  - Math with Dogs:  She is helping Daddy weigh and chart all of the dogs so they can get up to date on their shots and medicine.  This includes doing some math as she has to subtract the 'just me' weight from the 'dog plus me' weight, and using calculations to discover how much each animal gets of the medicine by weight.

3:15p - administering shots and medicines to dogs and cats with Daddy.  Discussion of veterinarians.

4:00p - tracing world map for journey drawing in her book.  Discussion of maps and why she can't just move things around and expect people to understand they are still what she says they are (map of Earth)...even if it is a fantasy story. She put her head down on her desk and despaired a little that she couldn't just draw all the spots in one lump place on a piece of paper and still call them Egypt and Madagascar etc...She got what I meant about tracing through the world map from the printout, though..and over her perfectionism (other end of the spectrum from 'do anything')... and did this.  Pretty good work.

//Dinner.  I told her we could do Minecraft before I go to bed or she  could play Skyrim by herself.  She finally has the dragon bend will shout, and is using it every chance she can get.
6:30 -Skyrim
7p - done

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