Monday, December 07, 2015


 Werewolf mittens are done!

9.30a    - Latin word flash cards
//We are relating these to other English words she knows ie: locus=location.  We added another five Latin words to the pot of cards after she asked what was Latin for bone, tooth and a few others.
10a    - break

I had a dentist appointment, so we had to get ready and go to town.

2.15    - practice English and Literature test
//This was a third grade test of 24 questions.  She would have actually gotten about a quarter of the questions wrong, from misreading or not looking for enough information.  She blew me away with one where she didn't understand what the word 'brook' meant.  She knows that word, but out of its normal context 'Wet my hankerchief in the brook.' she was ready to say it was a sink.  *facepalm*.  We talked about it and I printed out another version for tomorrow.  We do need to practice this more.

3p    - research and write out steps to Skyrim Shadowmere quests
3.45    - English and handwriting worksheets
//Chapter 6, 7 and 8 in the Harcourt Language book.  There is an emphasis on good handwriting skills and she took the criticism well.

4:30    - origin myths - Japanese, Apache, Tahitian, Aztec
4:45    - Skyrim quest - She didn't quite write down enough, so now she is two quests back trying to find the clues to start the quest she wants to do.  She has been making great progress.  We can't always tell her the exact answers - so she has to do a lot of poking around, listening and reading.
5:45      - done

A silly little thing - a knitted Kindle cover 

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