Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Esme and I had a day in town yesterday - got lots more books at the library, including a few cookbooks for me and a copy of 'Daughter of the Forest' by Juliet Marillier.  It was recommended for anyone who liked Catherynne Valente.  We also found 'Sleep Like a Tiger' which had been on my list!

I came home and made a chicken recipe, which involved deboning the chicken.  That is not usually in my comfort zone (Mark thinks I'll take a finger off).  My mother never let me handle knives or raw meat during cooking lessons - well into my teens.  I'm still catching up on the experience now as an adult.

The recipe turned out great.  Esme ate every last little bit of hers.  There is enough to make a sandwich left in the fridge.  I woke up dreaming about a pumpkin pie.  I hardly ever dream of food.  Too much recipe reading lately *heh*.  I do have multiple cans of canned pumpkin in the cupboard from Christmas.

We are still in 'official vacation' for homeschooling, until the 5th.  I'm working on a book of my own - something completely creative and not based on reality.  I'm letting a stream of consciousness sort of thing happen, at times writing long lists of related words and then as I write the next part of the story I realize some of those words work into it.  It's turning out quite psychological and dreamlike.  Fun.  I've gotten three chapters and have rewritten it from start to finish a few times over now.  It started out dismal and the sun is starting to shine in now as a solution is dawning ahead of them.  Again, fun.

Don't have a lot of plans for today -already did the fresh writeup and clean copy in my folder.  I was going to read it through again a little later and mark it up again.

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