Tuesday, December 01, 2015


9.30    - minecraft
10a    - research & writing: 5 facts about shrews
10.30    - NaNoWriMo: writing author bio, reading edited bio
10.45a    - break

12p    - reading: animal books - silent reading
12.30    - break

1.15    - video: The Double Helix
1.30    - Mankind ep 4: Warriors
2.30    - .5mi walk
2.45    - minecraft
4.30    - done

I was down sick for the day - did a few of the things we had planned, but not all of them.
We have been working at filling in all the gaps for the NaNoWriMo book... author's page, title page, cover etc...

We started on How to Be a Pirate this weekend, the second book in the How to Train Your Dragon series.

The sherriff came by and said our dogs need to stay in the fenced yard from here forth.  It is as if the city is moving directly to our doorstep.  Some neighbor (probably the one that just moved here from a big city last year)  tried to take a leisurely walk along the county road and was escorted by our dogs for the entire length of our property.  Because this scared her, our dogs must be on a leash or fenced.   I would like to make a point, though, that I do not consider the county roads to be safe to walk on for other reasons - the speed at which people drive, the coyotes and it is Deer Hunting season.  We will attempt to keep our dogs in the fence - although our neighbor  is going to see a lot more coyotes because of it.  I already see several a month on the far side of our property.  Our dogs have been a buffer zone between the road and their property -- patrolling and keeping the local pack to the South.  Just a few months without that buffer zone I would be scared to let Esme out in the yard even in view of the house...without at least one dog next to her at all times.

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