Thursday, December 10, 2015


 10:30a    - English: Subjects, Verbs, Objects, Adverbs
11a        - measuring room, bed, taking notes
11:15       - break

We've agreed that measuring and comparing prices for her new bed could be a school project - so we did step one today...looking at decorator stores that had used furniture for sale.  There will be other outlets we want her to look at, online stores, making a chart and sometime in February or March we will actually decide what is the best option from her research.

12:30       - decorator store #1, measuring, notes
1pm         - park.. very cold, but she talked to the ducks and played on the equipment some.
1:30        - break
2pm         - decorator store #2, measuring, notes
2:30p       - break (lunch)
3:00p       - P.E. with kids at lunch place
3:30p       - break

// We went to an outlet store, and I bought her a jacket.  She found a cool gecko lizard toy.  I finished reading my book 'Inside Out and Back Again' by Thanhha Lai that had been highly reccommended.  I read a few little bits to her while she was running around with twin girls at the lunch place.

4:00p - Math worksheets #1 // addition and subtraction mixed word problems
4:30p - Nature documentary Wild Pacific ep: 'Ocean of Islands'
5:30p - Math worksheet #2 // addition and subtraction mixed Equality equations ie: 2+10=8+___?
5:45p - done

She was learning the coding platform for Garry's Mod yesterday - which she would like to  continue in her free time tonight.

I've been previewing Big History.  We might get into that next month or matches with our timeline idea very very well.  

// Mom Note:  Esme actually said she wondered where her schedule was today -- I had one each of the first three days of the week.  I just printed out the one for tomorrow and the English and Latin worksheets.  We really need to do that last illustration tomorrow.  I'll see how much headdesking I get when we have to do the English.  She had trouble with the verb/adjective/noun/adverb sheet this morning and there is another one of those.  She said it was HARD but a Kindergarten like thing (because there was coloring)... I told her it was actually a fourth-fifth grade type subject in my mind (adverbs if taught in their entirety), but we were learning the third grade parts of them now.  That made her focus a little more.  My point to her was AD means 'attach', and 'JECTIVE' is the subject or object Noun, and 'AD'-'VERB' means something that attaches to and changes the verb instead of one of the 'jectives'.....  She understood that.  But then she had a very hard time when faced with all four classes and sorting them out... hates to be wrong, didn't want to participate if there is a chance of being wrong etc... then got back to business when that didn't fly with Mom etc...  So  - that is why I anticipate headdesking when she sees another one tomorrow.  But hey, it is Friday!.  and I go back to work on Saturday....which isn't so great.

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