Friday, December 04, 2015


10:00a - Achilles legend
10:30  - facts on Kinkajous / Procyon - raccoons, coatis, kinkajous and more
11     - handshake math puzzle
11.30  -Kahn math : 3rd grade math to 55%
//fractions, multiplication, graphing, word problems.  We used our fraction cube tower set for some of the fraction questions.
12     - break

2.30   - Spelling 30,31
IXL English Language Arts: 2.X.3 : Capitalization of Places and Geography
3p     - video: Mass Extinctions (HHMI)
4p     - dogs weights and medicine measures
// Mark is putting these measurements into a spreadsheet for her, so she will have data to use later in another math lesson.

4:20p  - Minecraft : We built a stadium with concession stands, bleachers, a shower room and locker rooms.  She made it like a baseball field and explained rules to me for playing with a Snowball.
5:45   - done

I read the beginning of the About Me book in Childcraft with her, and discussed origin myths and the similarities that run in many of them - I told her after we read four or five of them she'll see what I mean about that.

I'm getting several things ready for next week - as I am on vacation all week.  We should take the English language arts exam for second grade, work on Latin words as they relate to words she uses everyday...tie that in with Latin as the language of the Romans, and continue with more origin myths if she will read them with me. It is a good introduction to many different cultures, too.  She learned what the word Norse meant.  They said that Wednesday was named after a Norse god - Woden.  Hey, that is the god in the How to Train your Dragon books!  Yes, it is.

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