Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday skate and todo

I knocked a few things off my todo list today.

-Cleaned up the laundry area.  There might be some disgruntled spiders around.
-Got a pair of pants sewn for Esme and cleaned up the sewing area floor some.
-Baked the peanut butter cookies
-Stopped and got the materials for fixing the bathtub surround

--The science and history documentaries for next week came in the mail! :)

And Esme and I went to the skating rink for a few hours.  She started out having a great time but had typical little girl drama moments and ended up sobbing when someone didn't want to share and when another friend went off with other girls for 'a really long time Mom!'.... She dried her tears on the way out and was in a better mood by the time we stopped to look at a few things at the dollar store.  Then she was a big help at the Lowe store helping me get the things we needed.

I've still got the bathroom repair and the floor rug on my mind for tomorrow - and maybe another pair of pants.  We've got some clothes to put away and then another load of laundry to do tonight.  Esme wants me to play dinosaur/dragon egg games.

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