Tuesday, November 10, 2015


8a    - reading: "Misty of Chincoteague Island" (Lexile 750)
//There is a lot of new vocabulary in here, and words she doesn't know in text ie: 'sweat' - she realized she mispronounced it as sweet and then looked back at the sentence and said 'oh, ok...I get it.'  etc.  It's a good builder story and also the children are very compassionate and hardworking towards their shared goal.  She is finally getting interested in the story - the baby horse has appeared and they will swim the channel soon and save the baby from drowning.

9a      - watching Mankind Story of Us: Inventors
//She was very interested in the domestication of dogs, and how people survived the Ice Age.  However, she started losing interest because of the attack on the farming village and I had to tell her the truth that they might kill even the women and children in the village if they were robbing it because their village was starving.  She said that was entirely unfair - why do people have to do these things?  *sigh*  Agreed little one, but can't just tell a lie and say it doesn't happen.  She is very sensitive sometimes... I made her watch a bit more and cut at the hour mark saying we would start it again the next day. 

10a     - Quotation marks rules
//I had her go over the rules for using quotation marks in text - and look at blank sentences and then look at those same sentences corrected.  I told her she would get a chance to work on quotation marks and put them into the sentences another day but to just 'abosrb' the info right now.  She has been paying attention to these in our reading books - so I'm hoping the next time she uses them in her writing assignments she will have some practice.

10:15a  - Minecraft
--Streetlights that turn off during the day and turn on at night.  Weather controllers, time controllers.  She began building a very very tall skyscraper with some elements from the Grand Budapest hotel movie.  She had a sheep wandering around with blue dyed wool that was the 'Lobby Boy' and she made a desk for keys etc etc.  I helped by starting an elevator on one side.

12p    - done

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