Friday, November 06, 2015


8:00    - Minecraft projects
9:00    - Spelling #18, English synonyms section, math skill checks
---We did fraction number lines and comparison of irregular fractions to the number line.
9:30    - break

//I had to go into work after this, and Mark took me and Esme both to town, intending to pick up milk and other things on the way home etc.  Several sheriff cars came into our yard not long after he got home and asked to speak to Esme about somebody reporting seeing her in a parking lot today who had thought the situation looked strange. They talked to her alone on the porch.  According to her they asked if she was fighting with her Dad or if anyone was fighting with her today in the parking lot, which they weren't.  It's quite a thing nowadays when a Dad and a little girl get  flagged as 'suspicious' loading groceries into the car on a Friday afternoon...Luckily, Esme wasn't scared by this.

12.15    - discussion of why police would do a "welfare check"
//walk to mailbox
12.30    - Dinosaur Skeleton kit assembly
1.30    - video: "Your Inner Reptile"
2.30    - video: "Your Inner Monkey"
//  She was very excited about the comparisons of the color vision components and the evolution of the ear bones.
3.30    - done

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