Friday, November 27, 2015


We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home.  Mark made pork chops and sweet potatoes.  Grandma Irene came down and we watched Chicken Run, then took a walk to the lake.  On the way to the lake Esme found a big piece of bark under a tree and showed us it was shaped exactly like a Roman shield - by running down the path at us with it held up before her and another big stick as a sword.  *heh*  She then said she could use it for camouflage and hide in the woods just like the Britons did.  The history is sinking in.

Esme and Grandma went back to her house for a sleepover (Lucy the puppy missed her story hour....she was a bit worried.)  Grandpa Harvey and Grandma Gale called from their new Southern home.  It was nice to hear from them.  I knitted one and a half new mittens for Esme and did a little painting inspired by Michelle Morin's beautiful naturescapes.

Now for the craziness that is retail on Black Friday.

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