Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday Dino Skeleton Story

9a    - cleanup and put-away
9.30a    - writing: skeleton story

///We hadn't done any writing in a  bit - and I wanted to see her try to use characters in her story.  She came up with the idea and just asked for help spelling a few things.  She tried to use quotation marks around the address line like in Droon - but we need to cover that in a worksheet one of these days here.   I was impressed she tried.  I drew the dragon and the dinosaur skeleton, while she drew the tower and the boy.  She is going to continue this story on another day.

10:15a  - Minecraft
//Subway City - train station started and skyscraper - we are learning to use command blocks
11.15    - break

11.45    - video: Nova; "Cracking the Code of Life"
//Mark and Esme said the cystic fibrosis description was sad - the babies were sick, and the proteins made mucus in their lungs which they could die from.  She understood the problem well - but said it had made her very sad.
1.45p    - .5mi walk
2p    - done

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