Thursday, November 12, 2015


The dinosaur embryo growing inside the egg in the bird's nest.  
The squirrel father (adoptive) looks on from inside the tree.

 8a    - story illustration and writing
//She got up and drew three more pictures besides the one shown above.  And she wrote me two pages of text about how the story starts.  She is really paying a lot of attention to her drawings now - adding shadows and details.  We also made a Nanowrimo account for this story, and I started laying it out using the Blurb app to show how pages would look laid out together.

Interesting details in this drawing - she made ripples in the water where each animal had drank  - and she said she shaded the legs under the dinosaur creature because they were under him and the sun wouldn't reach them.  This is a lot more thought than she usually does - and cool to see.  We looked up a photo of a dinosaur drinking from side  view and she drew it while looking at the picture.

10.30a    - break

11    - khan math // fractions, division/multiplication, word problems
11:45   - Minecraft : Subway City
2.15    - done
 This is a chicken restaurant.  Can't you tell by the sign?
The mechanism that creates and cooks the chickens is hidden inside this chicken head 'chimney' is redstone, hoppers and furnaces and cooks a chicken with the push of a button - something she had worked out before.  Mark and I thought the chicken head was an interesting touch though!

 She has been working on Subway City - since earlier this week.  This is what she has so far - a school, hospital (big red cross), a fire house (that actually has FIRE in it, not a fireman house), several houses for rent- a 'sun' house, a store, the chicken restaurant, a park and the grand Hotel with full floor apartments in it (unfinished).

This is the park and fountain she built today.

//We read another chapter of Misty of Chincoteague before bed.  

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