Friday, November 13, 2015


8.15    - English worksheets : capitalization and punctuation
8:45    - Watching story writer Youtube videos, setting, characters, plot
9a    - Minecraft dinosaur park - You can go inside both dinosaurs.  One is a 'through' the digestive system (orange) and the blue one you just go into it's stomach and take a seat on a bench and go back out later.

10a    - spelling ( gd 2 #19, 20)
10.30    - video: Nova: Arctic Dinosaurs
11.30    - art: illustrating arctic dinosaurs crayon drawing
    - dino digger app
12.30p    - done

//When I got home at seven we watched Arctic Dinosaurs again after she gave me the synopsis.  She played in Minecraft some more and on her tablet after we ate little pizzas we made :)

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