Monday, November 02, 2015

Monday is Ladybug day

8.15a    - puppy training, bathing Lucy
8.30    - reading aloud: Droon book #1 (done)
8.45    - reading aloud: "Misty of Chincoteague" by Maguerite Henry (start)
9.15    - spelling #15,16,17 in second grade
9.30    - break

10:00   - khan math and worksheets : 2 times tables, 2 digit addition, perimeter
10:45   - Minecraft island and ciphers
//In Droon the princess writes backwards notes to the children as secret messages.  We wrote backwards Minecraft books that told where the next clue would be found, and made a chain of items to be found in places in the EsmeExplores world.  We also made an 'Assateague Island' with horses like the Misty book to come back to later.

12:45   - break

//walk to mailbox - our seed order came, and they sent us a free pack of Love-in-a-Mist, too.  Esme checked the order and said it was all right.

1p    - reading: "Misty of Chincoteague" to chapter 4.
1.30    - ladybug experiments : reflected light or heat?  Which are they attracted to?
//We had a ladybug swarm at our mailbox..and they seemed to be congregating on light colored things, which was odd, considering dark colored things are warmer.  Daddy came up with a test - tape black and white paper to a pole they were already on and see which they moved towards.  They went to the white paper and away from the black paper. 
1.45 -  done
 warm sunshiney day
 You just gotta jump for joy :)

Apparently, dogs can 'fly'...or just be silly.
Daphne (top) and Minerva (bottom)

vicious puppy attack
actually, they began smelling leaves and grass immediately after this.
Freckles (left) and Lucy (right)
Lucy and her grandmother, Nova

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