Friday, November 20, 2015


Before we started school we cleaned up her room, organized it, cleaned and put the writing desk in the middle of the room with a chair, and set up her CD player on it.  We threw out a lot of old toys and miscellaneous papers, pipe cleaners, yarn, etc...  She has more cleaning to do another day, but WOW - so much floor space now!

10.30    - reading "Misty of Chincoteague" : finished the book! 
11.30    - break
//We took all the trash out to our local center.  Spud was so upset we didn't buy him a cheeseburger.
I made lunch when we got back.

12.45    - Mankind: story of Us ep 2 "Ironmen"
//We discussed this as it was running.. she quizzed me on what was more valued - copper or bronze, tin or copper, crystal or tin?  She was impressed with the crossbows and the mass production ideas.
1.45    - break

2p    - library -- She got the next Droon book.  They were doing handwritten tickets because the computers were down - we already were only checking out one book, so that was ok.
2.30    - break
//We went to the store, and stopped for dinner out before we came home.  Esme spent several long minutes looking at her Where's Waldo book as soon as we got home.

5    - english worksheets // will/would, reading informative text (Common Core worksheets)
5.30    - writing / editing (NoNoWriMo) --// We reached 1277 words.  Now we have more editing, formatting and making a few more illustrations.

6:45      - Minecraft - Subway City

 Daddy and I have been working on the energy Station to the left - the pyramid thing.  She put the middle floor in it with him yesterday.  She also has made an animal shelter ( a few days ago), helped me expand the power line grid to most of the buildings (before we decided to build the pyramid thing), and she has been finishing the 'Acacia House' (by the pond) and experimenting with daylight sensors to open and close the porch.  She showed me her plan today, and it worked.

8         - done

I just finished the first book in the Matched Trilogy, waiting on the second.  Also reading the Mysterious Benedict Society - on book two.  I found the book Princess Academy at the booksale, an updated set of Childcraft including a few we didn't have, a copy of Where's Waldo, Tom Sawyer and a few others.

I'm thinking after Droon we might read the original 'The Jungle Book', with me reading to we did with George and the Secret Key.  Or we could move on to our second Little House on the Prairie book.   I think I'll save Tom Sawyer for later in the year?

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