Thursday, November 05, 2015


7.30    - reading: How to Train Your Dragon: dragon guide
8.30    - break
//We had a power outage today that lasted for more than hour...the power company was working on some lines.

10.30    - minecraft
11.30    - grandma's greenhouse assembly
//Grandma got a 6 by 6 greenhouse with instructions and Esme and Daddy helped to put it together for her.
1p    - video: Ocean origins
1.45    - done

She was playing some more Minecraft when I got home, expanding her treehouse structures. 

Mom Notes:
I took some time to clean up the kitchen.  There are several other places to tackle over time....if I can get to it a little bit at a time.

Looking ahead :
Want to clean out the laundry area of spiders and dust etc.
Replace a board on the tub area (two person job)
Put down and paint a 'cold weather rug' board for the kitchen.
Clean the floor and under table in my sewing area.
Sew Esme some new pants (Again)
Organize and ready our greenhouse area.
Go through miscellaneous stuff sitting on shelves collecting dust.
Finish pair of winter slipper socks. (halfway through first)

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