Wednesday, November 04, 2015


 Esme turned eight today!
She helped me decorate the strawberry cake :)

  I asked Daddy to set up the tripod to take a family picture

The Deadly Nadder was a hit.
There was the unwrapping and returning of the yearly potato...

 And I had finished her Vampire dragon stuffed toy a few days ago

 Everyone had fun playing with dragons.


Smiling at her Grandma's card.
 Presents from Grandma - the farm set has barley (or wheat) fields!
She later combined the farm set, the lab set and the dragons to make a genetic seed farm :)

Pajamas and socks and shirts :)  We gave her several shirts last week as soon as they had come in the mail.

Mom and Dad also got her the first three How to Train your Dragon books and the compendium of dragons, a dinosaur book she asked for, a MegaBlocks chemistry lab set and the big vinyl dinosaurs she received yesterday. 

We had cake and watched Inside Out.  Later, at dinner, we watched Home from our Netflix queue.
We gave her the day off of school, although she did help with the cake early in the morning!

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