Wednesday, November 11, 2015


8.30a    - video: What is Veteran's Day
8.45    - video: Genetics and DNA (Brainpop)
9:00    - Quotation Marks worksheet - absorption is working, she got 11/12 right.
9.15    - Mankind Story of Us - second half of 'Inventors' with a refocus on the writing topic.
9.45    - break
//roleplaying with dinosaur figures and genetic 'farm' equipment many things we have been covering.  I liked how she worked the heredity info we just watched into the dog/dinosaur family/

10:45   - Timeline and Geography
--She had a very good question:  'What would have happened if there were no world wars- would we still be here today?  What would be different?  We talked about the basis of World War I, World War II and where they happened on the map.

She was confused, wondered if the Roman Wars were included in Veterans Day - so we showed them on the timeline to explain why Daddy laughed at that question...such a huge time leap between them...Then she understood.  So we added Julius Caesar and also added the World wars to the timeline and talked about the order of things, areas that were still blank coming up etc.  I quizzed her on the United States map since she mentioned something to me about it as we passed  (that Michigan is a mitten, which I told her last week) and she can now pronounce almost every state perfectly compared to the beginning of the year when she hadn't even heard many of them.
11      - Minecraft
//continue work on the 'Budapest' type hotel - she made a grocery store, a log cabin, a house up for 'sale' and a hospital in Subway City.
    - .5mi walk
1.45    - done

///We read some more Misty last night before bed - about to get her to read one more chapter now.  We are preparing for extending our writing assignment tomorrow.  She had been drawing some pictures to use in the story for tomorrow tonight just before I got home from work.

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