Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday connections

9.30    - writing Nanowrimo story, 2nd draft and editing -- She reached almost 500 words and cleared up a lot of the inconsistencies and holes in her story.  We used the word processor.  She typed all of the additions and she was actually trying to put both hands on the keyboard 'to type faster.'  I helped with spelling and in a few suggestions when she wasn't quite making a full sentence here or there...

10.45    - minecraft - She was working on new buildings.  I noticed she was building power lines that looked quite realistic and linking them together and running power to buildings off of the line.  She has really been observing how those look in real life.  In fact, she had been telling me about how power lines 'looked cool' the other day when we were eating out...she must have been taking an extra close look at them then.
1.30p    - break

2.30    - more minecraft
3.30    - done

We read two chapters of Misty of Chincoteague before bed.  We have two chapters left before we are done.  Tonight I asked her to read as if she was explaining the story to her puppy Lucy.  Daddy had said she was a little robotic yesterday, and maybe not really understanding some of the words.  She did read with a lot better feeling tonight.  Lucy listened, too.

Mark and I have agreed it is time to start collecting our second grade testing materials for her and think about giving her a week of exams before Christmas - to see where she is and what we still need to cover more.

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