Friday, October 15, 2010

The language mouse in my head

The language mouse in my head seems to remember much more than the rest of me does... it just doesn't really tell the rest of me about it. Some part of my brain seems to remember 'whole bits' of languages I have heard and then spit them back at me in my sleep. It was Japanese a few weeks ago.. probably from the lessons I was listening to about six years ago, and anime DVDs. I understood only little bits and had to look up what I could when I woke up. It's odd - it's my OWN BRAIN and I have no idea what she said! Last night it was French, but I understood more. The lady was asking me to look for her little cat in a large house. I thought she was saying 'una la petit' (the little one) and I thought she meant a child so I walked right by the cat - and she came back and told me she had found it. I was unable to respond in French to her to ask the questions I wanted - and I couldn't see all the words I was hearing (I usually and almost exclusively 'see' words in dreams in some inner eye.. it's hard to explain and no one I know has the same experience).

I found this online french steps course where I can hear more actual spoken French and maybe fill in some of the holes.

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