Thursday, October 07, 2010

bits to remember and pinwheel pics

Some good examples of how different she is in attitude and language since a few months ago....

I was woken this morning by a little face standing in front of me saying her drink cup was 'not found' where is it? Find drink cup mumum, where? I told her if she couldn't find her drink cup on the floor - she would have to look under all her blankets. She did. She finally found it under the corner of her bed. It was an interesting discussion, full of 'NOT HERE' and 'not found - find mumum!' etc. I was impressed she understood to pull out all her blankets that it could be tangled in there.

She is trying to pull the pinwheel out of the hole in the side of the desk Daddy put it in. She was trying to pull DOWN hard on it and it was being stuck firm because of it. I told her to stop and pull OUT and she would get it. She did. And it came out. She was so proud of herself 'I did it! OUT. pretty - *blow and make it spin* It spin I blow!' And now she is practicing putting it back on the desk and taking it back off.

We had just come up with her cereal from the basement kitchen - and she decided to tank her cereal on the desk and go play with buttons. I put the buttons up high and said she would lose the cereal AND her buttons unless she ate the cereal. I got a teenager 'DO I HAVE TO?' expression and attempt to argue while hanging over the chair on her belly and crying. But, after she realized I was serious and the buttons were not down anymore - she sat down and ate all of it. After a bit she got back down from her chair and went over to the shelf and asked for the buttons. I asked her if she was all done - and she said YES mumum .. it all done. I checked it and it was true, so she got to play with the buttons again.

I'm being asked to sort through the buttons with a teaset plate and find blue ones, put them on the plate and then toss them back in. Try MUMUM, buttons BLUE (give plate) TRY!'

On her Clifford show 'Kibble Crook' the doggie arrives at the backyard and the other dogs have not shown up yet. Esme: 'They not here doggie - not here!' And there is a bowl of food. Esme: 'No eat Doggie - no EAT DOG FOOD!' The dog later gets in trouble because he ate all the food but he doesn't want to tell anyone that he did it etc... and she talks to the characters like that all throughout the show!

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