Wednesday, October 20, 2010

language spurts

More language spurts just coming out of the blue. She is making another turn round the bend in thinking skills - as well. I've been able to give her compromises and 'firm decisions' about things and she has understood what I've meant more than ever. Sometimes she just stares at me for a moment like she couldn't have understood - but if I stand firm she lets on that she DID understand and just didn't want to comply etc.. and then she either has a meltdown or more often now she will do what was asked and then meltdown unless I make it clear it was a great job and that she will keep privileges/promised things if she does as asked and lose them if she does NOT do as asked etc.

IE: we will read this book if you put those toys away and clean out your bed etc... if you do not, mumum will clean out your bed, drop you in it, and then put away the other toys. etc.. and this book will GO AWAY until tomorrow night etc. That last part has been the kicker - and it never used to work at all, before. She could have cared less if some toy or book went away. Now - she cares about some things very much!

When Daddy was making food he was asking me questions and she was answering them and butting in between sentences etc... She has asked to 'Esme show - come with to (fridge)etc...' me things and to 'put it in your hand mumum - take mumum'' and lots of other things that are a bit more than I've been used to! She said her hands were sticky yesterday from milk in her cereal bowl 'hands sticky with milk' and asked to wash her hands before she went upstairs to play with toys. *spock eyebrow* - a few months ago she wouldn't have cared about that.

I told her last night that the only food she was going to get was on the plate in the fridge - and that was IT for the night. Daddy had tried to get her to eat it all day and she was asking for candy - so he told her she would not get any more food except that. I took it out, heated it up and began to eat it - she came and had a big 'no no no' discussion with me about that being Esme food and she was going to eat it and Mumum better not eat that etc etc... bad fork - put away fork, Esme eat, this Esme food etc etc... Tonight, when she said she was all done I reminded her about that and she wanted her uneaten food put in the fridge.

I told her she would need to brush her teeth more so her mouth wouldn't stink and she told me no I was wrong her butt stinks her mouth does not stink - and then she got up on the diaper change station and asked to have a diaper change because Mumum must have been meaning that etc...

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