Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Random midweek off day - and looking at grocery carts

Esme is being fairly good today - she got ravioli a few minutes ago and is now watching Alien Shaun Sheep as Daddy finishes a hamburger for us, which she has went on a strike about eating lately (thus the separate meal for her with half the can put in the fridge). She also has a pinwheel we bought her for a dollar that she thinks is an excellent toy.

We went to town and looked at alternatives to heating the whole house this winter. We'll keep thinking about it. Especially if we don't have to heat the downstairs during the night to higher than 55 degrees... while still keeping warm upstairs. That would save quite a bit with the right equipment.

Then we bought groceries. This is not politically correct at all - and I know I'll offend someone. I don't want to - but I have to say it. I was horrified by a lady in front of us with a backside wider than her shopping cart - and her cart filled with food to the very top (all processed stuff in boxes - FOUR pizzas and numerous other things besides that!) as she waddled slowly in front of us out the door. And she was talking with another lady nearly the same size pushing another cart that stuffed full of food. And we see the same thing every time we shop - every day when I work (although we don't sell food there) etc etc... It hits home harder right now with our limited resources - HOW are these people paying for that much food in this economy and staying that large? I know I'm a little biased - I came from a family background which made me VERY scared of becoming fat. I went through a period of anorexia because of the fear... and still find myself thinking that way sometimes. Growing up, I saw what becoming obese (much more than the standard 5-10 lbs variation) did to people - spent large amounts of money they didn't have on terrible food, and how they stopped being capable in many circumstances, and that scared me most of all. They still needed to take in that many calories - but were not able to work and support the output to pay for it .. so it fell on other people around them. They actually couldn't walk across the house or to the mailbox without breathing heavily. They stopped cleaning or taking animals outside or other things they really needed to do to keep the house healthy. Nothing got done except when other people came to help. So - not sure what I'm trying to say - except that it still scares me. The two of us and Esme, with our little cart with bare essentials in it and this lady in front of us the size of all of us put together and then some, with more food than we could eat in a month.... and obviously she (or somebody) is paying a lot of money and resources to be that size - does she realize it? Can she help it? I'm just not sure. I'll never really know, I guess... or be able to really mask my fear of it either, which I know is not politically correct at all...*growl* At least I'm honest about it. And I don't mean ANYONE that size - as some are very productive people.. but seeing it becoming more and more prevalent does make some part of me want to crawl inside and hide... old fears and wondering how much suffering could be avoided etc...

But anyway, I do have things I want to get done, and I will get them done. I hope to clean and organize a bit more in the house - want to find out how much muslin I have in my pile and make another lined shirt or two for Esme before I go back to work on Friday.

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