Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bun dog update and bts

Bunny seems to be doing alright - she was knocked/bumped/crunched by the truck yesterday morning during the rain storm. I didn't know she was under the truck and after having it running for two minutes I thought for sure any cats that were under there had skedaddled... and then see her running away up the porch with a yelp. Mark says she is alright - mostly bruised muscles. She has been sticking to sleeping on the couch but getting up and down from it and the stairs to go outside alright... so his theory seems right on.

I bought Esme a purple chrysanthemum last night, it was clearance. She said it was a very pretty flower and 'sniff'. I do NOT want to go in to work today but I must. So off I trudge.

It has gotten pretty bad this week - I so want a day off - weekend off, six days on and one day off and then five days on and one day off is what we call 'hell week'. That's two weeks, isn't it? I've not wanted to be there even before I get there for two days in a row now. That is awful. I am even fielding stupid plumbing fixture questions IN MY DREAMS. Mark heard some of it this morning and said it was a dream - I should have said 'I'm off the clock.' HA.

I need to get the zipper into the green dress.

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