Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday morning

I have the day off, but do need to take some paperwork to town. Esme is up eating her cereal and watching Clifford the Big Red Dog. It is the tape we bought on clearance last year, and she loves it to death - talking to the characters and has it memorized! She was quite sweet this morning, but getting her to go to bed last night was a chore. She was backtalking 'no bed! no no no no frog, no bed! *flop on floor next to bed*' I put her back in and sternly told her to 'stay there in bed NOW Do NOT get out of that bed. I mean it.' Mumum does not often get 'stern' with her voice. I don't often have to, as she usually follows all the 'rules' we expect of her albeit with some "discussion."

She whimpered, then flopped and went right to sleep, and didn't get out all night. And she didn't want to get out this morning, even to fetch her drink cup from the shelf nearby, until she was sure Mumum said it was 'morning.' I saw her hesitate and then sit right back in the place she was last night when I told her to stay there - and look at me with that certain 'remembering' look. She didn't have to say a word - I knew exactly what she was remembering and worried about. I said 'yes it morning!' and smiled - then she was up and out of that bed in a milisecond asking for all the regular things (diaper change, applejacks etc). She gets the 'rule-following' genes from me... but sometimes I have mixed feelings about them :)

I have some little details left on the footed pajamas and then hopefully try them on to see if they are the right size. I hope so! I don't want to try them on her unfinished and make her take them off right away again if she likes them - but don't want to wash them without the details finished etc etc... They feel warm on my lap while I'm working on them, so they should keep her warm, too.

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