Friday, October 01, 2010

Finished footed pajamas

Made from 1940s version Simplicity 3493 footed pajamas pattern, size 4.

I took my glasses off to use the camera.. she found them

There is _QUITE_ a lot of room in the seat!

And about two to three inches are bunched up at her ankles, as well.

But it didn't impose much upon her playing while wearing them

As you can see, they are QUITE large, but usable :) I wonder if the fact they didn't have disposable diapers in 1940 had something to do with it? And a size too big to start with... but I can make some adjustments and make a newspaper pattern to try a second one. And she will grow into these. Even though they are too big she said 'mine - with socks' and grabbed the front of them and hoisted them up - walking away to go play... I take that as a good sign!

They are officially 'sock pants' to Esme - she asked for them off for a 'butt change' a few minutes ago and said 'sock pants off - no sock pants - need butt change.' ha!

A modern example for this pattern is Simplicity 5874, and it comes in multiple sizes. I might need to remember that later.

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