Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The kid has been holding out on us...

Kid's been holding out on me - last night I was writing out words from our bedtime books on the magnadoodle and not saying anything. If she didn't know it she would ask 'whats that?' or look around the book for something. BUT - if did know the word she would roll around and giggle and fidget and/or try to hide her face - then if I continued to say nothing she would say the word. Little monkey knows more than she is telling.

I made sure she knew it was a 'good job' to know the word, and she really liked that - so maybe she'll stop the monkey business now.

She read:
red, cow, tree, stop, in, out and I already know she knows 'cat', 'dog' and 'go' and from something the other day 'on' and 'off'.

I tried 'tree' because I was sure she didn't know it... and then she did.
We continued to read 'Go Dog Go' and 'Hop on Pop' and if she asked me to draw I would write a word out of the page and tell her what it was and then keep going with the next page etc.

She curled up next to me watching all of this and fell asleep so easily and quickly it was amazing. I didn't even get tears when I got up to go back to my own bed - just a 'fist bump please' sign, which is the last thing we do each night before I go to sleep - she reaches out her little hand - I touch it, and then go to my bed and lay down.

Extra Note: We have no idea how she got the black chairstool over the babygate and into her bed yesterday. She did it when Mark didn't see her - but she was very proud of it, and didn't want to take it out. Apparently it was quite difficult to get there!

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