Saturday, October 02, 2010

Why we bought her blocks

This is why we have bought her blocks for her birthday *shhhh don't tell her and glad she can't read it yet!* :)

She gets to doing these patterns and then she runs out of materials... and gets sad, but starts over again with something new. I don't often catch them, because of this. I asked Mark to hand me the camera before she knocked them all over and got upset. She has lots of cylinders and blue squares and more of these red and green blocks exactly like these waiting for her to open in November. I know she'll be thrilled :)

For the record - I tried to make a pair of footed pants last night and failed :( I'll have to try again with a few modifications. I took the feet off them entirely and made a hem at the bottom. She is wearing those in the picture above 'clown pants' Mark calls them. I need to make a pair of footies for HIM - as he got cold last night. He says perfect them for her, then triple the size ;)

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